Abhijay Saini

Junior at LASA High School, Austin, TX
Abhijay Saini is a technologist and an avid problem solver.
In an effort to find a collaboration platform for student programmers, Chris and Abhijay arrived at the idea of Code Assist, an educational website, which provides students an open playground to seek programming help, and collaborate on programming problems.

Chris Smith

Junior at LASA High School, Austin, TX
Chris Smith has had an big interest in technology ever since he was introduced to the world of programming.
In the past he has explored this interest through robotics, competitive programming, and other small programming projects. It wasn’t until Code Assist that Chris was able to direct his interest towards creating a community to help people learn and collaborate with each other.

Ibraheem Moosa

Junior at LASA High School, Austin, TX
Ibraheem has always had been fascinated with Computer Science and Business. He has participated in many clubs and created many projects which are relevant to these fields. Code Assist has provided Ibraheem with a valuable experience in topics that he is interested in. Ibraheem hopes to continue his work and pursue a career that involves a combination of his interests.

Samuel Larson

Sophomore at LASA High School, Austin, TX
Samuel Larson is a programming enthusiast and is always eager to learn more about computer science. Code Assist has been a great opportunity to learning a great deal about professional web development. Samuel wishes to keep learning more about computer science and programming languages while continuing to work on industry level projects.